Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Witness the Progress!

Finally as we were approaching the conclusion of our wrestling unit, I encorporated a lot of modified games into class, inorder to be successful in these types of games you had to use the wrestling techniques that were taught throughout the unit. This particular game was called mat chess where 2 teams are made and each team selects a king. Much like chess the main objective of the game is to eliminate as many players until you get to the king and then eliminate the king. You eliminate or get eliminated by scoring a takedown or getting taken down by someone else using any of the wrestling techniques that were taught throughout the unit.
As we progressed into the wrestling unit we made the transition from offense to defense. This is a picture of me demonstrating what is called a defensive "sprawl" I compared this to a donkey kick. My cues of action were to kick your legs back and bring your hands down in place to where your feet were.

Here we are during the beginning of our wrestling unit. Where I am explaining and demonstrating the proper technique for an offensive stance in wrestling. This being a timed lesson I knew that I had to cover certain aspects and did my best to accomplish that. The cues inwhich I used to help my students understand this easily were to keep your knees bent, and your hands up.


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