Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Climbing the Mountain

It was rather recent when we were asked to teach yet again in class, I taught wrestling. Which to me was not difficult at all because it is an area that I am very familiar with being that I have been wrestling since the 4th grade. (If I didnt know how to teach it after that long of being involved with the sport there would be a problem!) Anyway. I felt very confident with my lesson plan and the selected techniques that I used for my lessons. One thing that I was very suprised about and did not expect to happen was the first minute or so of my first lesson. My plan was to explain a basic stance to the class and have them find their own stances and move around in their stances to understand the concept of always being on the defense. What suprised me was that the students imitated what I was demonstrating without being told to do so. I felt that It was wonderful communication between myself as the teacher and the students taking an interest in what was going on and what I was doing that they wanted to try it themselves and see where the rest of the lesson was headed. Thinking about the first time I had taught in class only a few months ago compared to now, I have made some major progress. I am very pleased with the way I have improved in my teaching areas. I am now able to realize when I did something wrong and how to correct it to make my over all teaching more effective.

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